Our philosophy

We are exciting and rebellious.

We make premium clothing for our kids that we would want to wear. Our clothes reflect our millennial tots - they are vibrant and confident.

Poppabum is on a mission to create the extraordinary and magical for parents and kids who are tired of the old and conventional. We rebel against boring. 

Our motto is - Kids be Poppin!

What we do.

We are a premium brand that does not compromise on its design philosophy and manufacturing quality. We do not believe in mass-produced designs. Poppabum makes one-of-a-kind clothing for your child. Limited stocks. No strings or buttons attached, literally!

Zip those butter-bums hassle free and without fuss. For the fashion savvy, multi-taskers, always busy and the travel freaks, we promise - our Pops are glamourous and easy-peasy.
100% Organic. 100% Unique.

How we do it.

Working with global designers, from Kiev to Quebec, Poppabum brings exclusive designs and fashion to your kids. Our Pops are neon, exciting and absolute head turners.

To repeat is to cheat. Our clothes feature never seen before designs and art illustrations that have been curated and created especially for your little ones.

(Remember what you wished for Christmas?)

What we believe.

We want the right choice to be as easy as putting on the Pops. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories that manufacture sustainably. Soft as candy floss! Our organic garments are GOTS certified and produced by factories adhering to principles of fair trade by WFTO. Sustainability in fashion manufacturing is our passion.

Poppabum strives to bring high fashion to kids. We prioritize premium quality over quantity. Pops are consciously produced in limited stocks to make each piece standout.

Pop it On!

Pop it Off!

Our Pops make diaper changes easy peasy. No more hassles, no more tears! Whether its infants, toddlers or active little adults, our premium zippers make it extremely convenient for parents to dress their kids in the latest pop fashion


GOTS Certified
Organic Fabric


100% organic

Meet the Team


Mom to three ruffians, a coffee/workaholic, chief of everything Poppabum, resident arbitrator to all pup-tot conflict.


Resident public relations officer, chief of all things handsome, most evil prankster.


Resident Pop model, the inspiration behind Poppabum, expert negotiator, has a new favourite colour everyday.


The Eldest One, inspires perfection, resident order-keeper, needs anger management lessons.

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